Thursday, March 6, 2014


Yesterday, I died. 
And went to Ulta heaven.

[thanks to my wonderful fiance & a beautiful gift card.]

 I am that girl that watches wayyy to many youtube videos & reads wayyy to many reviews. 
Kalvin laughs [makes fun] of me every time we go into Ulta.  
"oh my goshhh.  I hear this is amazing!  "This stuff is suppose to be fabulous!"

Yes. I am that annoying girl. But, I don't care!
The purpose of my trip was to get a new & better foundation, along with a new brush head for my Clarisonic [if you want to hear me rave & tell you how I couldn't live without, click here].  

It's been two days & I already have to tell you how amazing Hope in a Jar foundation by Philosophy is! I have only used it twice now but I can tell it's a keeper! It has the perfect texture, goes on perfectly & best of all, it looks like you aren't wearing makeup. Ahh, every girls dream.  
I have a very hard time finding a foundation that doesn't leave me feeling cakey or one that matches my skin perfectly. I didn't have either of these problems with the Hope in a Jar foundation & it's the perfect light-medium coverage that is build-able!

Point of this post?
If you need a new foundation, you need to try this one, ok? 
xoxo, morgan


Ohhh & the need for new foundation? We have engagements on Saturday, I'm so excited!
I finally have a valid excuse to take lots of pictures & Kalvin can't do anything about it.

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