Monday, March 17, 2014

spring break recap + full body workout

spring break was good. real good. however, i now feel like i need a break from spring break. we spent most of the week running running running.  wedding stuff galore, apartment shopping, work & family time.  productivity at its finest.

today i wanted to share with you a "full body beatdown" we did class the other day & man did we feel this one! the best thing about this workout is you can change it up, improvise, increase/decrease the reps depending on what is best for you!  there are four different sets in this workout, repeat each set 3-4 times before you move on to the next set. we finished the workout with five minutes of cardio [burpees, high knees, box jumps, etc] and of course, some abs!

if you aren't sure how to properly perform any of these workouts, check out youtube or just leave a comment! Good Luck!

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