Sunday, March 30, 2014

life via photos

because i'm a horrible blogger, here is my life as of late via photo's
enjoy the random iPhone quality pic's

 after everyone tell us we needed to register - we finally registered.
 i have missed painting my nails. so for the whole three days this floral mani lasted I was in heaven.

 I have had bridal showers galore.  this past weekend my momma & aunts threw me this adorable pink & black shower.  we were spoiled.

 my Abby inspired braid from last weekend. 
although i don't do my hair anymore, i have been diggin' Twist Me Pretty's hair tutorials.

I spent sometime yesterday with my momma & these cute guys.
and if i kill these - i am talented

 we finished the weekend with a trip to the shooting range.
i rocked it of course ;)
my cute dad even won himself a new gun via a raffle!

now, i am going to make some cookies, touch up my roots & hopefully sleep of my nasty cold.
xoxo, happy sunday