Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How will you reveal your beauty?

My plan for tonight was to go to bed at a decent time and catch up on some much needed sleep. But yet... here I am - blogging and watching P.S. I Love You. My spring break is really rockin'. Seriously, it's been the best week ever so far. 

What brings me here tonight is this video I found on Facebook... Take a minute, watch it ALL. 
I promise it is worth it.

When I first watched this all I could think was "WOW"....

Now, I have always had my own opinion about bikini's.  I have always thought of it like this, if it's inappropriate for people to see me in my underwear then why is it okay for me to walk around a crowd of people in a bikini? Today's world makes it almost impossible to find a cute, fashionable tankini.  As soon as it gets warm, I immediately begin searching for a swimming suit. And I know, it isn't easy but it is possible.

  I loved this girls talk though. She was refreshingly blunt. Exactly what women need to hear. How do you want the world to see you? As an object or as a person with feelings and opinions?  
I don't want this to come across as judgmental against anyone who does wear bikini's, all I want you to do is think about how you will reveal your beauty?

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