Friday, March 21, 2014


oh. my. gosh.
50 more days [two days ago]
ya, i wrote this post & then, ya know, never posted it. 
& come on, 50 more days sounds better than 48. 
am i right?
here is a little sneak at some of our engagements..
heaven knows i'm going to need 48 days just to pick out which pictures i like best..
because well, i love them all. 

i'm not going to lie my head is constantly spinning.
pick out this, buys those, find an apartment, pack up all your crap, save money, focus on school, finish all the dumb crafts you decided to have at your wedding, call her, drive here, register there, get your dress done, schedule this, oh & you better spend some time with your fiance.
 at this point, i could care less what my reception looks like so should everyone else. 
just come, eat some food & we'll party hard.
[i'm considering that for our invitation wording]

i'm off for another weekend of wedding fun!


  1. This is so exciting! Good luck with all the finishing details!!! I LOVE the pictures you have posted by the way, you guys are like the perfect couple.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I'm ready to stop focusing on all of the planning and making decorations and just get married. It's down to 20 more days for me. Congrats to you and your fiancé! :)

  3. so exciting! you're so close! such a beautiful picture!

  4. Congrats again! married life is wonderful and you will love it. LOVE that pic!