Wednesday, February 12, 2014

as of lately.

 As of lately....

+ Kalvin spoiled me with Lush products.

+ Me & momma finally got around to
   doing our hair.

+ I made an adorable 'be mine' banner - it's
   covered in glitter.

+ Kalvin's ring came!  A whoppin' $1.50
   off Amazon. He insisted.

+ Yoga. I have been diggin' yoga.  So
   natural, I make Kalvin practice with me.

+ Oh ya know, just me & my sis, cuddling
   with Luke Bryan. She's obsessed.


+ Started another new job. I started
   nanny-ing for this adorable family; a two
   year old and a five month old. So cute.
   I love babies. [not creepy, right?]

+ Two words.  Wedding Plans.
   Our offer to elope & take all the
   money is looking better and  better each
 +Praying for Friday to come faster!

Speaking of Friday.... Valentines Day..... Help!
I have totally slacked this year - I need some good gift ideas for Mr. Watson. 
Any suggestions?

xoxo, Morgan


  1. Just found your blog and I am so excited about it! My husband and I live in Logan, I'm a yoga freak of nature, I don't nanny a 5 month old but I have a 5 month old, and wedding planning makes my heart sing (although I totally understand the perks of eloping too haha!). Anyways, here's to hoping this is the start of a great blogging friendship!

    1. You're so sweet, thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by :)