Tuesday, February 25, 2014

15 minute sweat

Remember last week, when I told you to 'stay tuned for kickboxing inspired circuit' and then never posted anything.. imagine that, what's new? I didn't expect taking pictures of me actually doing the workouts would be so. dang. awkward.
Seriously though, this workout will make your legs buuurrrrnnnn.
We did this circuit in class the other day, on a step/bench, and preformed 2 rounds with 5 minutes of cardio between the two rounds. One the second round, we added dumbbells for extra resistance. 

All of these moves are pretty straight forward, but when in doubt, YouTube my friends or just shoot me an email or comment below! :)

The next fitness post I have planned is all about feeling comfortable at the gym!
 No more intimidation ladies!

happy workout!
xoxo, morgan

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