Friday, January 10, 2014

friday. friday. friday.

Guys.... It's Friday!!!!
Thank goodness!
This week I was brutally thrown back into school.
Since being back in Logan I have...
+Attended my first 7:30 am class [understanding why I avoided them like the plague before this day]
+Drove home once already so Kalvin could watch the big football game with my dad.
+Spent $396 on books.  Not cool USU, not cool.  
+Not unpack a single thing.  I literally had to search for my bed last night.
+Already owe money for two bills.. so I'm like "Give a sister a break, I just got here."
+Started working like crazy.. Fun, Fit, Forever is about to start, get excited!
+Slide off the road due to the crazy amount of snow that came out of nowhere.
  [don't worry, it was okay, kalvin came and saved me.]
+Listened to this song non-stop, it's my new go-to.

And... after announcing my first giveaway I couldn't help but pick out a few of my current favorites from Cheyenne's shop! 

Excuse the fact that they are all marriage related.  I can't help it.  All I think about is plan the wedding, get ready for the wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding. 
Even though I'm being crazy, you have to admit they would all be so cute.

Have you entered yet?! What prints were your favorite?
Have a fabulous weekend!
Xoxo, Morgan


  1. I love all those wedding prints and really hope I win ;)
    I did Fun Fit Forever when I went to USU and LOVED it! It's so fun especially if you can get a friend to go with !

    1. I know right!! They are all so great! Fun Fit Forever seriously is the best! It makes working out so much easier!

  2. I am dying to do FFF, as soon as my foot is healed from surgery, I am THERE! Also, such an eventful week! I wanna know wedding plans?!?

    xx Laur

    1. Good!!! Have you done it before? If not, you'll love it!! How much longer til you healed? And yes, wedding plans have been crazy! I will have to share soon!