Wednesday, January 15, 2014

confessions & the giveaway winner!

I may or may not have just signed up for the free trial for Hulu Plus 
just so I can continue watching Bones & Modern Family for hours on hours.
I may or may not have just put a cake in the oven, with homemade frosting, for not real reason other than I wanted a snack.
I may or may not have just taken photo's of Kalvin and I, placed them in a 'baby generator', just to see what our future babies would look like. and they were ug-ly. hahaha.
here is one of the many... Me and Kalvin laughed sooo hard.

Like how do you even explain that?!

Also...... I am excited to announce that Bailey W. was the winner of the giveaway!!
Congrats girl, I hope you enjoy your amazing print!
Everyone else be sure to check out Cheyenne's shop for your own prints!


  1. Oh my heck haha that is hilarious! I'm pretty positive your future babies are going to be gorgeous. You guys are a beautiful couple!

  2. haha those all sound like me!

    Congrats Bailey!! :)