Friday, December 13, 2013

k can I just tell you guys how much I have loved being home!
can I tell you how happy I am that this semester is over?
can I tell you how ecstatic I was when I saw I pulled an A out of Econ?!
which is really a christmas mircle right there.
 can I tell you guys what else I have been up too?!

+painting my nails. like you know, i'm addicted.  i easily paint my nails daily, if not more.  i know, who has time for that?! i make time ok.  oh and isn't that gold orly fx just fabulous? i died when i saw it.   
+kalvin is working over the break out in the oil fields again. so i guess you could say i have been missing him. 

+christmas party with the roomies.  for the first time, all year, all seven of us girls were finally ALL together at the same time.  we celebrated at texas roadhouse and then we opened presents! i got nail polish.. how did they know?!

+my mom is so OCD, it's hilarious.  each year, each kid has their own wrapping paper for their presents. well, i guess she ran out of some of our wrapping paper and naturally that meant her buying all new wrapping paper and re-wrapping every present so they all matched.  she kills me. 

+that tiny present is kalvin's. i told him he better come home for christmas or he won't get it.  he already knows what it his, heck he made me buy it.  i can't wait to share with you guys what it is! 
hint: it rhymes with bing, ding, cling... ;)

+while at texas roadhouse, we also celebrated three of our birthdays. of course, that meant all three of us sitting on the saddle together! how cute is erin's face?! this also means i am turning 21 soon... eek!

+nails. nails. nails. seriously guys, it's all i do.  pathetic.

+family.  I have been able to see and visit family. which is super nice especially since I feel like I am never around!

now tell me, has everyone else procrastinated with christmas shopping like i have?!
please tell me yes. 

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