Sunday, December 8, 2013

holidays are always better at home.

There is nothing I love more then coming home for the holidays!
I can always count on my mom to go full out! 
And she always has the best candles to top it all off!
I cannot wait to officially come home for awhile and spend sometime with my family, forget about school for awhile and take a break from work! 

Kalvin & I spent the weekend at home again
We looked at reception places [wedding is officially may 9th!!] , went and saw The Delivery Man & hung out with the family! 

I had plenty of time to study for my final [which is Monday morning :/ ]
but I instead... I slept, blogged, & did everything else to avoid studying.

so ignore the iphone quality photo's and take a sneak peak at my cute house!

 And, just because I love blurry christmas pictures.

If you have finals, goood luck!!!
If you don't.... lucky you. 

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