Friday, December 27, 2013

A very spoiled Christmas!

I hope everyone had as good of Christmas as I did! I was so happy that Kalvin was able to take some time off of work and spend the holiday with me and my family! We were definitely all spoiled this year! Every time my mom would put a present under the tree she would laugh and call us all spoiled brats. Haha it was quite funny, but true.  I joked with my parents that we shouldn't be punished for their big hearts!! :)

I would much rather post pictures than ramble on about Christmas so here comes a photo-overload! 

 On my mom's side there is nothing we love more than finger foods & white elephant gifts.
We gave some pretty good gifts from iPad's to 'cold' hard cash and my favorite.. a trailer trash boob job kit.

We also played some 'Heads Up', Ellen's new game!
It got pretty intense.. and loud. 

My cute parents.  And I promise.. that is grape juice. It was just close by and well.. the picture needed some life. 

 Me and Kalvin received a very "Marry" Christmas this year!  But heyy.. we aren't complaining at all! I never thought I would be so happy to get so much tupperware! Or a new tv -- yes, my parents rock.

Awhile ago Kalvin wrote me that sweet little book on the left... so naturally for Christmas I had to one up him and surprise him with my own little book! 

Can we talk about how cute see is?! We bought her a Frozen play dress and she loved it.. but wasn't truly happy until she had a cookie too! 

Like I said.. It was a pretty great Christmas!  Not only did we get a ton of new house things but I got the Mia 2 [its been on my want list for awhile] & a ton of other great things! 
I was more excited to give Kalvin his presents though, one of which was a compound bow he has been looking for months! He was stoked! 

Now that Christmas is over, it's almost time to celebrate New Year's Eve.. which also means my birthday! It's time to par-tay! 

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