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Stuffed Peppers Recipe & Link Up!

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Hey guys! I am super excited to link up with Ariel & Jessica today and share with you guys one of my all time favorite recipes! Stuffed Peppers! I love this recipe because it's super easy, healthy, and delicious! And the best part is you can seriously put whatever you'd like in them!

Here's what it takes:
+ 1 pound of hamburger
+ 4 servings of Minute brown rice
+ 4-6 large green peppers
+ 1 can of corn
+ 1 can of black beans
+ 1 small can of diced tomatoes
+ 'Fiesta Blend' cheese

1. Start out by browning your hamburger.  As it gets closer to being done, I season mine with diced onion, salt & pepper.
2.While you are browning the hamburger, start preparing your rice.  I normally will cook 4 servings of rice.  (and if you're lazy like me, the microwave version of cooking it is totally fine)
3. Once your meat and rice are ready to go, in a large bowl combined the meat, rice and all your canned items.  Be sure to drain the corn & black beans really well.  You can leave a little 'juice' in the tomatoes to add some moister to the mix.
4. Put the mix off to the side and begin to prepare the peppers. Start by cutting off the tops and then scraping out the seeds/junk from inside. This should leave you with nice, clean peppers.
5. You can now 'stuff' your peppers! Place a healthy amount of the mix into each pepper.  Top them off with some cheese & put them in the oven!
6. Cook them at 350 for approx. 25 minutes. (until the cheese is melted.)

And, Enjoy!  The best part is you can save the mix you don't use for later! You can make more peppers, you can eat it with tortillas, or where ever else your heart desires! You have all sorts of options!

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