Friday, October 4, 2013

life as of lately

 Life has been nothing but busy lately. I can barely keep up some days. 
But I can always count on my trusty iPhone to keep track of things for me. 

+ parmesan roasted potatoes
+ beautiful sunsets on campus
+ banquets & free money. #hollaforscholarships
+ felt like a child again as kalvin pushed me til i was sick on the merry go round. 
+ october means scarfs, boots & cardigans are back. best thing ever.
+ stuffed peppers. mom's recipe, coming soon!
+ better than sex cupcakes w/ homemade frosting. oh myyy gosh. recipe coming soon.
+ sometimes we give up on school and go on lunch dates instead.
+ as much as i love teaching fitness classes, i feel as if it's all i do sometimes.

Now, who else is ready for the weekend? Be sure to watch conference and get lots of sleep. 

don't mind my current obsession for hashtags. I blame this.

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