Sunday, September 1, 2013

weekend fun.

The following post is brought to by Morgan andddd Kalvin.
All of Kalvin's 'thoughts' throughout the duration of this post will be in italics
This should be a good one... so keep reading. 

Me: Kalvin, please just smile. We could be done by now.
Kalvin:  I am smiling [as he forces a double chin & goes cross eyed]
Cross-eyed and double chinned is my best look.  You really can't do much for this ugly mug!

I am always trying to take pictures with Kalvin and more than 99.9% of them turn out like this.
And when we do finally get a picture, he doesn't like them. 
Despite my best efforts, Morgan still posted this picture.

We started the weekend out with some major demolition. My aunt bought a new house and brought in the big muscles to gut her kitchen!

Kalvin was a little disappointed at first with my 'ability to use' an electric screw driver but I finally got the hang of it. After just a few hours, we pulled the whole thing out - we did work!
After some solid coaching on my part Morgan got a hang of it and is now a semi-pro with the good ole impact wrench.

Later that weekend, Kalvin escorted me to a wedding of an old high school friend. It was up in Ogden canyon and I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I was to see that the leaves were already changing!!!  
I kept telling her that the trees were just dieing but her hopeful heart refused to fall for my razzing.

After going on a overdue bike ride this weekend, Kalvin showed me his 
'mad biking skills'. I was impressed.  The picture below pretty much depicts the extent of my abilities.

We have officially completed our first week back to school... and we were so excited to get out of Logan and relax a little. It's sad how little of a desire we have to be back in school.  
I promised Kalvin that I would let me be the one to make a few final touches and publish it the way he wants to.. scary but I promised.

 P.S.  I have the most incredible girlfriend in the world.  She's beautiful on both the inside and the out.  I'm pretty lucky that a girl like her has chosen to let a bum like me stick around.

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