Wednesday, September 18, 2013

warning: super awkward

Let's talk about how awkward it is for me sometimes to take these "outfit pictures".  Not only is it super awkward for me to just ask someone "Hey, come take some pictures of what I think is a cute outfit" but its even harder to convince Kalvin that it is necessary to take these pictures sometimes.

But hey, that's okay, I am going to try anyways.

The outfit is made up of all my favorites!! Especially these pants, they are great. Even though they aren't technically leather, I call em my awesome leather pants (it's about as daring as I get). This shirt has become a staple in my wardrobe lately. I would seriously wear it ever day if it was socially acceptable. 


Awesome leather pants// H&M    Shirt&Vest//Bohme     Shoes// H&M
Bracelets// H&M, Cotton On & Lucky Brand

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 


  1. I tried taking outfit photos once, and I also felt extremely awkward just sitting there posing like I knew what I was doing. haha

  2. Well at least you look CA-UTE!! Loving the outfit!! :)