Monday, September 16, 2013

good weekend to be an aggie.

My favorite institute teacher, every Monday, because class with "it was a good [or bad] weekend to be an Aggie." And this weekend it was a good weekend to be an Aggie.

It was homecoming weekend - parades, dances, events & of course, our first home football game. We played Weber State.  Poor Weber, we destroyed them.  70-6.  ouch.

Of course, all of these events called for pictures.  Luckily, I got Kalvin to take some pictures for me before the game started because from half time on, it rained like crazy.

The majority of my house had never been to the homecoming parade, even though we are all going on 3+ here at USU so we decided to check it out. And honestly, we left about 40 minutes into it. 
Been there, done that. 

I forgot how much I loved Aggie Football games!  Everyone in their game day shirts, the smell of the hot dogs [I know some of you just gagged, but they are soooo good.] & all those aggie cheers. I just love it.

USU Football

We finished the weekend off with a Sunday walk around 2nd Dam.  I am getting so excited for fall! I cannot wait to see the leaves start to change! 

I hate to brag but... I just find this picture adorable! 
Thank you self timers.

Lastly, I know I have been moved into my new apartment for what, a month?!  Pathetic. But...I am finally ready to give you guy a room tour! Stay tuned!!

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  1. Yay for self timers..that really is a great picture!
    Well, I am new to your blog and glad to find a fellow Morgan! :)

    Looking forward to more posts,


  2. Too much cutness in one post!! Y'all are adorable, he seems like such a good sport with all the pictures haha! Glad y'all had a great weekend :)