Wednesday, August 28, 2013


These past few days have been so busy! I am feelin' a little overwhelmed.  I really don't even have the time to be blogging right now but I am doing it anyways.  Instead of telling you all my stories, how about a list? They are my favorite.

+Countless days of packing & unpacking
+Kalvin spent the first three days of school homeless due to an unlivable, disgusting apartment that was suppose to be his.  I could not let him live there.
+Started a new job position at work -  I am taking over as the Coordinator for the Fun Fit Forever program on campus. Come check us out next week.
+Kalvin now has a home at blue square, the rich peoples place. Good thing he got a killer deal.
+I have changed my room about three times now, can't decide what 'layout' I like best.
+Back to eating like a poor, lazy college student. Aka bowls of cereal & brownies.
+Already soo sick of school, such a bad start to the semester.

Although I feel super overwhelmed and tired already, I am super excited to be back up here at USU & to be back with my darling Kalvin.  Go us, we are so cute nowadays.

I am super happy with my room, its my first year having my own private room, I am in seventh heaven. I am still waiting on a few details but here is a little sneak peak!


  1. I just recently found your blog and I'm glad I did! Cute bedroom! My last semester of school I had my own bedroom, it was awesome. You'll love it!

    Rachel Amelia

  2. You have such a cute room!! Loving how you hung the pictures in that corner!