Monday, August 5, 2013

reset. restart.

 *side note*
 This was scheduled to be posted last Monday and for some reason it didn't work! I was just going to leave it as a draft but a lot of good came from last week that I plan on sharing so I thought why not, let's fill everyone in.

Lately I have found myself in a rut, unhappy about certain aspects in my life and before I knew it, those things were slowly affecting other parts of my life - the good parts. It hasn't been the easiest summer for me.  My summer job and a few other things have definitely started taking a tole - I have let them take over.

Without getting too personal, it basically comes down to this.  I have been looking for a 'reset' button.  After a good talk with Kalvin this weekend, I decided I really need to take control of my life and emotions again.

Reset. Restart.

I came across this 'project' yesterday and thought that it was a great place to start. For anyone who know knows me, you know I am a list maker - a goal setter.  So this project was perfect, so I decided to whip one up real quick.

No social media - blogging, instagram, facebook, pinterest, etc. As great as social media can be, they can be destructive.  They can take to much of our time, we begin to compare ourselves to other we don't even know, and honeslty I want take to think and work on my own life - no one else's.

Meaningful scripture study.  I feel like I have been a slacker lately.  I miss my physical scriptures, no virtual scriptures.  Just me, my books and a few highlighters.  The real deal.

Finish my surprise project.  I am really excited about this one.  I have been working really hard this summer for this and I am in the final stages of it.  It will be done this week!!

This is my life. Kalvin always refers to it as 'Morgan time' - time to myself, to do the things I want. 
This means relaxing, bubble baths, family time and more than likely a few different coats of nail polish.

Projects.  My list of summer projects continues to grow while my summer days begin to fade away. I will complete at least two of them this week. Not sure which ones but I swear I will.

And to finish this week off, I will be heading off to Kalvin's family ranch for some camping, a day at the lake and some quality time with my sweet Kalvin. I can't wait.

So guys - I am outta here.  Have a great week!

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