Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fight To The Finish 5k

Fighting To The End: F2TF movement is all about creating a team signifying a celebration of your special loved one who is currently going through or have gone through hard things, or in memory of those special souls in your life who have paid the ultimate price and remain in your hearts as a source of inspiration and motivation to do better.

Today me and mom, along with a few of co-workers & students, ran in the "Fight To The Finish" 5k race, supporting the Anything For A Friend organization. A sweet young boy [who's name I forget..sorry!] decided to put together a team for this years 5k for his Eagle Scout project.  Because of his own personal experiences, he created a team called "Together We Can". His main goal was to raise enough money & participants to provide 25 young children with all different types of disabilities a buddie and free race entrance.

Me and my mom, who teaches severe special education, ran with a little girl from her class name Katie. The race course was lined with pictures of all the different people each team was running for.  It was such a great experience and all of the children loved it!

 Our team shirts were yellow, however there were more runners than planned, which is awesome, so I was able to get a 'Team Tyler' shirt. I know, I stood out like a sore thumb when I was just with my team.

After all the teams let their balloons, we took off! Katie was so cute, on all the downhills she would raise her arms up like she was on a ride! 

Katie doesn't run every often, but she was so excited to get out of the stroller and run the last little bit across the finish line!! Everyone was cheering her on and she was loving every second of it. 

It was such a great race and such a good cause! Thanks to everyone who made it happen! Be sure to check them out!

And for a random goodnight picture, me and my sis ended the night with a trip to the mailbox. My sister is such a trooper and rode our little brother's bike while having me on the back pegs juggling all sorts of mail. Don't judge our faces, this picture was quite the task.

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