Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where have I been?

Shoshoni, Wyoming.  

After 678 miles, 10.5 hours of drive time &  22.4 gallons of gas I finally made it. But hey, who's keeping track?  Boy, after that trip I am even more grateful for Kalvin.  He makes that drive almost every weekend!

This weekend we floated the river, visited a dinosaur museum, ate lots of yummy food and watched movies! The house I stayed in was a total Man Cave!  A wall filled with empty pop cans, a disco ball in the bathroom and overall a little messy - sorry guys, but it's true ;)

Overall, it was such a good weekend but I was sure happy when I pulled into the driveway Sunday night! Kalvin deserves an extra back rub every times he come just for having to drive that boring long drive!


  1. My fiance lives in Salt Lake and the first time I made the drive for Logan I had to pull over for a drink because my eyes got so tired of driving for just over an hour. Bless his heart. I've learned to be very appreciative of his driving for us!

    1. I know! I literally had to blast my AC because I thought I was going to fall asleep after the first hour! My toes and fingers were numb by the time I got home! Gotta love em from driving so far!!

  2. It's an absolutely terrible drive!! And holy cow such a man cave!! So gross!!! The sad thing is Shoshoni is such a hole!! At least Dan has a lawn:)