Sunday, July 7, 2013

Holiday Fun

I know I am probably a little late posting about my 4th of July but I knew the fun wasn't done, so I decided to wait!!  I didn't get many pictures from our actually 'Fourth of July' celebrations but here are a few.  We went to the parade, spent sometime at the park, ate delicious scones & honey butter, went and saw Now You See Me, had a bbq with the family, and ended the night in Huntsville with  Kalvin's family watching fireworks!  Sorry for what is about to become a photo overload!

Me & Kalvin (and my photobomb-ing mother.)

Me & my sister

We named Friday our 'chill' day. Me and Kalvin laid out in the pool, snacked all day, went and saw Despicable Me 2, and grabbed some dinner. Poor Kalvin got fried!  (She forced me in the pool!!! My poor white body, that wears coveralls everyday at work, wasn't prepared for that!! : Kalvin) We have been applying aloe all weekend.  Also... I finally got my diploma!!! And.. my letter on whether or not I got my scholarship all came! And I got my scholarship! It was the best mail day ever!!! 

He looked like a lobster! Don't worry, as of this morning, he is already tanner than me.

Wednesday night me and family went out for Chinese food and this was in my fortune cookie!! How true it was!

Saturday was play day! We loaded up the Razors and went up to Hardware Ranch! We rode from there to Bear Lake and then to Old Ephraim's Grave. We made sure to stop in Bear Lake for Shakes and Fries. Overall, it was about a six hour drive total! The ride was soooo dirty and dusty. 

As you can see we... we got dir-ty. It was so much fun though!! 
It was so nice to have a few extra days off this weekend - hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

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