Sunday, June 9, 2013

the weekend.

Can you believe it? The weekend is already over, I swear it just started.  I can't stand it.

Anyways... enough of that. This weekend I went and picked Kalvin up in Logan late Friday night.  On Saturday, we went to Ogden, visited some random stores and then spent the rest of the day up at Kalvin's grandparents cabin. It was so pretty and I was loved being outside! (especially when I spend all day, everyday working inside. it's driving me crazy!)  Then that night we went to a birthday dinner celebration for Kalvin's sister-in-law at Windy's Sukiyaki, a Japanese sushi place. It was really yummy, they had great fried rice.  Which is good because I can't stand sushi! Sadly, I had to take Kalvin back to Logan this morning at 7 o'clock - a little to early on a Sunday morning for me in my opinion.  But hey, at least I had the rest of the day to relax and do nothing!  Aren't lazy Sundays the best?

I had the change to visit the Logan temple before I met up with Kalvin, which was great because I sure do miss that place!

I finished out this weekend by making a batch of fudge brownies and pratically licking the bowl clean.  I allowed this because that 'habit' ends tomorrow. I am going to start teaching again and I have another race, which means, I need get my butt into gear. but until then, I am going to go and enjoy a big ol' brownie and a cup of cold milk!

Also, be sure to check back later this week for a 'proper introduction' of this Kalvin kid.

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