Sunday, June 23, 2013

the bragnar experience

Yep, it happened. I finally caved, really I was forced to, but I ran in the Ragnar aka the Bragnar.  I know I swore after the Ogden Half, I was done. DONE! Like always I wasn't. I have always been a anti-ragnar person for many different reasons. It sounded miserable to be stuck in a van for two days, crappy runs, and dealing with everyone's annoying 'i ran 198 miles this weekend, go ragnar' posts when really you only ran like 12 miles.  And honeslty, its all true. haha.  I couldn't stand being stuck in a van, it made it even harder to recover from the hot, kinda steep runs.

Back during the Ogden Half, at about mile 10, I really hurt my leg.  I never really healed either, which made training  really hard. Which then carried over into my legs during Ragnar.  After my first run, I thought my leg was going to fall off.  It hurt so bad. After a trip to the medical/physical therapy tent, we decided I more than likely torn either the ligaments or tendons that connect my calf and hamstring together. Ouch. It made the rest of the race, very very very long and painful.

 I had a lot of fun with my van and fellow runners and can admit it was pretty hard! However, Overall, I don't believe I will ever do it again. I don't want to completely bash on it because it took a lot of preparation and the Ragnar people did a great job - it's just not for me.  It was probably just really bad timing, I have felt as if the past few weeks have been non-stop with go-go-go weekends, I was exhausted before it even started. I would have rather run all 13 miles straight, and then gone home to a hot shower and a flushing toilet.

But enough of that, here are some pictures of this 'eventful' weekend.

We stopped for pre-bragnar snack, this was my choice.
I should probably reconsider my pre-work food. 

the classic 'ragtat'

Van 1: Olivia, Annette, Karren, Grandma, Mom & Me

 Me and Momma
We were the two ragnar newbies.

 And... I was so exicted to get to Snowbasin for one of our stops because all I wanted was a flushing toilet and some sleep.  Here was the line difference between the women's and men's restrooms. Ridiculous. 

Did any of you run Ragnar? Or run it before? What are  your guys feelings about it.  I am told that in a few days I am going to complete change my mind and want to do it again.. But I don't think it's going to happen!

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