Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Bahamas!

I have spent weeks {weeks} counting down for my trip to the Bahamas! It was well worth the wait!  It has been quite sometime since my family went on a big, actual family vacation. So we {the parents, go them} decided to go all out! And with our families traveling luck, we made it just in time for their first tropical storm of the hurricane season!! We were gone for six lovey days. No work, no technology, no worries. However, like I mentioned earlier we also found hardly no sun, just a lot of overcast.  It was still blazing hot and uhh... the humidity. You stepped outside and you felt as if you were being 'misted' with salt water but man I was lovin' it.  I think if we had more sun, I wouldn't have been able to get on my flight home!  Everywhere looked like paradise.  It was incredible!
I could ramble on for forever so instead I'll just post a butt load of photo's ok? :) 

This amazing hat, I bought at the local 'straw market' - its hand made! this place was huge and covered head to toe with handmade bohemian items!

I was super stoked to swim with the dolphins, it was so cool!  Even got myself a dolphin kiss!

I hate fish. I hate being in open water where a fish may come up and nibble on my toes.. needless to say, I hated our snorkeling trip. haha  see that huge school of fish in the background... ya we swam through those!!!

Homemade tropical fruit punch... to die for! I would go back just for this!

 All the storms created the coolest sunsets and clouds!

Thanks for letting me brag a lil about my awesome vacation. haha 
Anyone else been to the Bahamas?
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