Monday, June 17, 2013

another weekend here and gone.

Just like that, another weekend is here and gone! It just goes too quickly! We went and saw the new 'Man of Steel', our closes friends were married, we visited with each of our families, even got some pretty flowers!

Our friends, Darren and Ania, were married in the SLC Temple. They looked so beautiful together coming out of those doors.  She is from the Dominican Republic and they met after him serving a mission there. Kalvin swears their kids will look like Blake Griffin, but shorter. Congrats to the happy couple!

Me and Kalvin already get a decent amount of pressure/crap about how we should be the next ones getting married, it usually ends up heading in Kalvin's direction, blaming him for being slow. haha I mean, we can't even post a picture on facebook without at least one "are you announcing your engaged yet" type comment. So needless to say, this weekend comments were at all new high. Especially when we posed with this gorgeous flowers! 

Kalvin spent Sunday, Father's Day, with us and we had so much fun. Went to church, where Kalvin gets crap weekly from random people in my ward about transferring his records because he's with me so much, but hey, I don't mind.  

This is me, my sister and my amazing dad.  I love him so much, he is the greatest dad, hands down. 

It was a pretty good weekend, I definitely didn't want to go back to work!

I am still looking for a video of me and Kalvin doing the 'dirty dancing' air lift, trust me you all wanna see this so stay tuned!

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