Monday, June 24, 2013

a sharpie & a canvas.

canvas board quote

Gordon B. Hinckley is my absolute favorite and I love this quote. I needed something new in my room and I wanted it to be this quote - and all I had was a sharpie & a canvas.
So I took what I had, sat at the kitchen table, listened to a few of my favorite church songs by Kalai and ended up with this.  If you guys haven't heard of Kalai, look him up especially his 'I Need Thee Every Hour' and 'Nearer My God To Thee' that you can find here.

Also... check out this cute print!

The other day I won another blog giveaway!!! This was like the third one, my second from Ashley! She has the cutest Etsy shop & I won a 8x10 of my choice - It took me a few days!
I chose this because I have already started working on some stuff for my apartment up in Logan.  I tossed it up on my self in my current room for a little bit so I could show everyone how cute it is! I love the simplicity of it! Be sure to check out her shop!
*i also won my iPhone charger cover from her, here*


  1. Okay, where did you get the canvas??
    This is so cute!!

  2. Thank you!! I got the canvas for ever ago at hobby lobby I think... I just barely got around to doing something with!!

  3. What a minute, you wrote that yourself!?? Holy heck lady you've got some major talent. Seriously I wish my handwriting looked half that good, I totally thought you had boughten it. Such a great quote too, I love that man.

    1. Yeah I did, thank you!! I love that quote and had to have it somewhere in my room!!