Friday, June 14, 2013

a proper introduction.

I felt the need to brag about my super amazing boyfriend to properly introduce you all to Kalvin. I realized I never really did 'introduce' Kalvin, when I received a comment somewhere along the lines of 'you and your husband'.  And don't worry if it was you, we both got a good laugh out of it! But just to clear things up, this is my boyfriend, Kavlin. Isn't he handsome?


//he is from wyoming
//lover of sports
//gives the best foot massages
//the most honest person in you'll ever know 
//excellent singer {especially in spanish}
//he served an LDS mission in Barcelona, Spain
//clenches his jaw when he is mad, thinking, or for no plain reason.
//love love loves ribs from texas roadhouse
//currently living in the middle of nowhere wyoming due to summer job
//sweetest guy around. always leaving or bring me special gifts.
//he has the most amazing testimony of the gospel and of Christ
//smart. man, is he smart
//grows an excellent beard
//always willing to serve

Kalvin & I
+we met in a young single's adult ward at college
+we tease each other a lot
+we love our late night trips to walmart
+biggest dorks you'll ever met
+hot chocolate & sundae runs are our favorite
+rock, paper, scissors is our game
+we like to dance. we have mastered the 'dirty dancing' air lift.
+he sings me cute spanish songs when i ask
+we make bucketlists
+date nights are our fav
+we like adventures
+we are in love

I am just getting ready to go pick this kid up - we have a full weekend ahead of us.
Man of Steel, Weddings & Family Parties.

hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. you two are gorgeous together.

    bailey @

  2. What a cute idea... love you two!!! PS you forgot to mention he likes facials :-)