Tuesday, May 7, 2013

that 'oh crap' moment.

You all know what I am talking about when we remember or think of something and its just an automatic 'oh crap.'  Ya, yesterday I had a big 'oh crap' moment that sent me into an automatic freak out.  

Last October I ran my first half marathon! It had always been a goal of mine and it was the perfect opportunity at the time. I would I say I was pretty well prepared, however I still didn't do as much running before as I should have.  But for my first half, I finished with a pretty decent time of 2:14.

And of course, after this I felt amazing. I felt like a 'true' runner so naturally when my mom asked if I wanted to do the Ogden Half, I say heck ya, sign me up!

Fast forward six months and 'oh crap.' 11 days until the Ogden Half and I haven't prepared myself at all.  let me say it again, ohhh crap!

This sent me into a panic.  I knew it was close but I just keep put it off. Mainly because I was still teaching three kickboxing classes a week and had no free time to run. I told myself it would be okay because I was doing a few miles here and there and still teaching classes.  I knew I was in decent shape and just told myself I would worry about it when I moved back home.  

Yesterday I realized my thought process was very wrong. Sure I can do a butt load of squats and be fine, but we are talking about 13.1 miles. of straight running. I am not ready.  So yesterday I buckled down, with no school and being back home with my running buddy {mom} I started training. Better late then never right? 

Any tips for training for a half marathon in 11 days? 


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  1. GOOD LUCK!!! I hope your crammed training sessions pay off!