Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ogden Half: A Six Day Training Program

Well, it finally happened, the dreadful count down is finally over! As I mentioned a few post ago, every time I thought about the race all I could think was 'oh crap'!  I hadn't been training and boy was I nervous.  I start 'training' 12 days before the race {ridiculous I know} and actually only ran 6 out of the 12 days. even better.  I would never suggest a 6 day training program to anyone, ever. but hey, I didn't die or get carried off on a stretcher so I guess it worked out a lot better than I thought I would.

Pros & Cons

-The weather was awful. It did not stop raining once from the time I woke up {4:30 am, gag} to the time I crossed the finish line.  My clothes and shoes were complete wet within the first mile. 

-My hands were complete frozen, useless.  My shoes came untied at about mile 11 and some sweet women on the side of the road helped me tie them!

-My foot with the timing chip on it didn't make it over the starting line, so I wasn't able to get my true time. 

-Pulled a calf muscle during mile 11 that really put a damper on things. 

-Two days later and I can barley walk.

Was able to meet Jackson from the Biggest Loser and talk to him before the race+

Felt/did a lot better than I should have, considering my lack of training+

Rounded a corner at about mile 10 to see my sweet Kalvin drove 5 hours to surprise me and support me+

Didn't walk once+

Figured my time to be about 2:16, I'll take it+  

Its so funny because anyone who knows me or spends time with me after a race they know I swear up and down I will never run another one again. guess what.
yep, my next one is in October. 

Me and Cute Momma

 Me and #beardlesskalvin
{his new instagram name}


Thanks to my sis, she was snapping pictures every time Kalvin rubbed my sore muscles.. which was frequently. Poor guy. 

Any one else run the Ogden Marathon races?!
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