Monday, May 6, 2013

finally home.

Yep.. I am finally home!  After two trips to and from Logan and several hours of cleaning I am finally home and settled in.  Moving home this year was definitely a little more stressful.  My parents were in Mexico and my car just couldn't hold all my crap! So I had no choice but making two trips.  I also set myself up for a horrible day of cleaning when I decided to be cheap! Instead of just buying enough boxes for everything I though it would be okay to dump out the boxes after the first trip and use them a second time.... Needless to say that lead to this DISASTER! 

and thanks to my sister {who found it all amusing} she kept sneaking downstairs, trying to get some good "in the moment" pictures.  I think she did it.  I was a mess.  Just the thought of my room made me sick!
{Don't worry, after a few hours this morning its spotless clean!}

Thankfully Kalvin spent the weekend in Ogden, so I was able to avoid it for two days.
We went to Iron Man 3, Visited family, Kalvin made me a crown of flowers and made some more Smore Cake!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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