Monday, April 15, 2013

the weekend.

I was so excited for this weekend. I can't even tell you.  And as always.. Friday night is Date Night.  Kalvin was craving ribs so we went to his favorite place in the world. Texas Roadhouse.  I am pretty sure I ate more rolls then I did food! They are my fav!
  After dinner, we went to second dam and skipped glow in the dark rocks!! We had heard about this idea from a few of our friends and wanted to try!! It actually worked pretty well except I suck at skipping rocks so mine was more of just a 'splash'.

We just cut open the glow sticks and poured them on the rocks!
(the rocks we collected from the flower bed in front of Texas Roadhouse!)


 photo sign_zpsdb7425e8.jpg


  1. Breaking the glow sticks looks so fun! I might have to do that on a date night soon :) Also, you are beautiful girl!

    1. It was definitely a little messy but it worth it!! And thank you so much!! You're really sweet. You are beautiful!