Wednesday, April 24, 2013


i wasn't sure if i wanted to post this - my mom told me not to- but even though the pictures are super embarrassing, i find it super funny. so i hope it makes you laugh!

i just loves junior mints - especially frozen junior mints you get at the movie theaters.  man... i could seriously eat a few boxes of them per movie.  however... according to my parents and kalvin, i am no longer aloud to have them.  this is because i have a problem eating them, i guess?

 i don't know how it happens but it has happened twice. both times on double dates with my parents (thank goodness!)   i guess i just love them so much that i eat them way to fast!  then what happens is i guess i drop one.. not knowing.. and spend the rest of the movie seating on them.... needless to say, they melt and get all over.

incident #1

i remember freaking out and thinking this was bad... ooooh no. 

incident #2. way worse. 

yup. junior mint squished right in between my legs. perfect.
needless to say i was made fun of the rest of the night.

even though this is super embarrassing i can't help but laugh and start my own new hashtag.

anyone experience this or something similar? or is it just me?
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  1. Hahah this made me laugh! I love your blog! You are so cute... and sadly... this has happened to me! I am a huge chocolate lover.. and one time left one in my back pocket... you can guess the rest.. haha, hey atleast were not the only ones!
    Just followed your blog, adore your posts!
    Erin Nicole

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so glad I am not the only one! haha It makes me feel a little better about the situation! :)