Friday, April 19, 2013

it's here!

It's here! What's here you might ask?  THE WEEKEND!  Thank goodness! This week has been rough, don't ask me why cause I can't really give an explanation but just trust me, it has sucked!  However, there were a few good moments!

one.  this maxi skirt.  maxi skirts are my favorite and i just love this one.  when ever i wear them everyone is like "oh, why are you all dress up" and in my head i am like "this is the closest thing i can get to not wearing pants to school".  it's flattering though, people think i am getting ready for school when really i am not.  go maxi skirts.

two.  7-11 Slurpee's. slurpees remind me of summer and i am hoping that if i start buying them, summer will come faster. and yes, i believe this will work.  (so please everyone go buy a slurpee. now.) although i had a hard time deciding if i liked it, the sugar-free mango isn't that bad! 

three.  true aggie night.  saw this sign on campus so i took a picture of it and sent it to Kavlin.  he asked if i was trying to send him a hint.  what do you think?  it is a goal but lets be honest.  i have the early/long shift tomorrow and i will probably fall asleep before it starts. so we will see. 

four.  snapchat&bowling.  Kalvin loves when i include him in my snapchats (as you can tell).  snapchats happen the most during bowling. not sure why but they do. 

five.  i dont have a picture but one of my very best friends from high school came up and visited me this week! we went to The Crepery, a cute little place with very yummy crepes. if you live in Logan and haven't been to the Crepery. Go. Now. it's seriously the best! i highly suggest the scout camp or the park avenue!

now, go buy a slupree, visit the crepery and enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Snapchat is the best app ever. It's just so fun to do with friends!!

    Maxi skirts are my favorite item of clothing right now. They're so comfortable AND cute. It's a win-win!