Monday, April 22, 2013

because i said so.

Sunday Morning:
             everyone: why are we taking pictures? 
             me: because i said so.

this cutie was reluctant - but i finally got one out of him.  isn't he handsome.
my mother.  she gave a talk during church and totally nailed it - all while looking super cute.
momma's outfit//bohme

and then me.
dress// bohme   sandals//old navy
our pictures continued into the church parking lot
 *i swear my eyes are open*

why a picture of my hair?

 well my hair for some reason, no matter what color, ends up fading into shade of red (you can't tell but it does) and i can't stand it and because i am cheap, me and my mom died my hair sunday night.
stay tuned for before & afters pictures, a long with a few amusing in between photos.

 photo sign_zpsdb7425e8.jpg

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  1. You and your hubby are so cute!!
    And you and your mom have some great style!