Wednesday, April 3, 2013

as of lately.

it is sad that every post begins with something along the lines of "as of lately".  i act like i took a break from my regular, daily blogging. psh no. thats just how often i do blog. i am determined to do better though. you watch.

with that said... as of lately.

went to the jazz game 

 took a super awkward passport picture

 visited the er in the wee hours of the morning

 spent easter with my cute family

 recieved this adorable iphone charger cover from ashley

and feed the ducks and geese with this cutie

 photo sign_zpsdb7425e8.jpg


  1. I went and fed the ducks with my boyfriend the other night and it was a total blast. Why do those men like to get so close to the geese though? It makes me so nervous haha. :)

    1. It really is such a fun date idea! I could barely feed it without his help and he had the thing eating out of his hand! I probably looked like the biggest baby! haha