Monday, April 29, 2013

a picnic & some lumber jakcing

On Saturday, me and Kalvin decided to have a picnic at the park! Not only was I excited about the picnic but I was so happy it was finally warm!! 

We ate, I took pictures, we watched a baseball game, and played catch with a football.  It was required that I pass a football test in order to continue dating Kalvin... don't worry I passed.  

After our wonderful picnic, we went up the canyon to prepare for our bonfire. which means. 
lumber jacking.

He cut down and copped two trees in the time it took me to cut through one.
i mainly just sat in my lawn chair and watched. 
{taking pictures the entire time of course}

 nice even cut huh?

I was waiting all night for a smore.. and let just say I didn't stop at one!  

It was such a fun night, catching up with friends and having some fun before finals week! 
Happy springtime everybody!
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