Wednesday, February 6, 2013

S'more Heaven

okay. so it has been awhile, i know.  but i had to share this with everyone. its fetchin' amazing!  it doesn't really have a name... so i just called it S'more Heaven. Here is how you make it!

4-6 graham crackers
1 chocolate chip cookie mix
1/2 bag of mini marshmallows
1 symphony chocolate bar

Okay, so this treat is very very sweet.  the original recipe we found said to use pillsbury dough sugar cookie mix but we only had chocolate chip and it made it reallyyy sweet, so i would suggest to use plain sugar cookie dough. 

you start by lining your pan with graham crackers.  then either make the cookie dough mix as directed or use pre-made cookie dough and from there spread the cookie dough out and on top of the graham crackers.  cook the dough as directed on the packaging. 

when the dough is cooked all the way, pull it out and while it is still hot, break up the symphony bar and line the top of the cooked dough with it. then cover the top with mini marshmallows.  then place the pan bake into the oven, on the top turning the oven to broil.  this part we just guessed, we waited until the marshmallows were golden brown! 

and that's it! it was soo yummy but sweet, i could only handle a little bit at a time!

everyone should try this! i hope my directions made sense!

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