Thursday, February 21, 2013

life through instagram

went shooting - with the smallest gun in the world.

kalvin felt like he need to make our relationship official by asking
me to be his girlfriend, using the classic method from the great country song, "check yes or no". i checked yes.
{even though we were already dating, it just had to be extra official}

we have gotten so good at bowling (thanks to our bowling class) we had to take it to the next level.

cadbury eggs are finally back. enough said.

we take cute pictures sometimes.

i was the victum of a "hit and run" in the parking garage. i was not happy.

i spent more money than i should have at bohme. 
{dont worry mom, i'm paying for my bad choice by having nothing but ramen & cereal to eat all week.}

valentines day with kalvin. he personally deleivered flower to me before kickboxing and asked me to be his valentine. the whole class "aaww-ed". 
my other job is very boring, thus i write the word bored over and over again until it looks misspelled and strange. 

i feel like i do nothing but work work work. i just wanna lay down.
but yet.... im also broke? hm.
i am constantly sore
i crave sugar every second of every day
not only did i break the screen on my dad's new ipod but i just put it through the washer. yayy me.
and most days i just want to be home, and i mean home-home. not logan home. 

but oh well.
things are slowing getting better. 
this was my daily motivation today. 

eventually it will all be over. it will pass.