Tuesday, January 1, 2013

it's a new year

so many things come with a new year. new goals, new start, new attitudes, ever everything. i LOVE it. the one thing that kills me, is how all this "new" motivation only last about a month. no matter what i do, normally my new years resolutions only stick around for a few weeks before more of them start to fade and then half way through february i  can't even tell you what they were.  that is why i'm doing it differently this year.  i am creating monthly resolutions, some of them might carry over but my goal is to have at least two new goals every month, along with any others i decided to care over.

one// this year is for me. i am going to start putting myself first more. do what makes me happy. not what is easier and convenient for everyone else.

two// continue my "no halfin" goal. this is a personal goal that i have been working on for a few month now, maybe i'll explain later. {i will add though, it's going great}

three// pick a flipping major. this one will probably carry over for the next few months. but seriously, i have my associates, i just need a major. any advice because i don't even know anymore.

four// become a better instructor; increase the amount of time and effort i put into teaching my classes.  i want the month of january to be my best month of teaching, i want to take advantage of all the new students i will have thanks to new years resolutions. i want to make them crave my kickboxing classes, haha.

five// eat healthier. lets just say its a good thing i love working out because if i didn't i would be in serious trouble. more fruits and veggies less oreos and chocolate.

these are my five goals for january.  at the end of the month, i am going to report on how i am doing and my new goals for febraury {i am pretty sure i just made a six goal about making a goal to make a goal...got that?} have you made any goals yet? i wish you good luck, i know i'm going to need it. 

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