Sunday, December 30, 2012

{Pre-Brithday Celebrations}

I have a secret. I have been counting down to my birthday for like ever. {like a good two months} Don't ask me why though. No major plans, not to thrilled about the fact I'm turning twenty which is funny because one reason I have been counting down is because I won't have to answer the college-famous question of "how old are you" and be called a "youngin'" over and over again. Overall I find have found it funny lately that I have been counting down this year when the last thing I want is to get one day older.

Anyways, enough of that junk.  Since my birthday falls during Christmas break I find it really easy to make a "week" of it.  A birthday lunch here, a present here, birthday dinner there. I don't enjoy it for the reasons you might think, I honestly just like the time I get to spend with my family and friends.  A birthday is always a good excuse for some "fun-time". {i can't believe i just used that term, i am talking more and more like him}

Birthday Lunch & Movie 
Me, Mom, Grandma and Auntie went to lunch and saw Pitch Perfect {again, at my request}
I love that movie and I looooovvveee Mormon Muffins, its a birthday tradition since I can remember.

Shopping & Dinner at Tucanos
They sang Happy Birthday to me while I had to stand and dance around shaking a tambourine
{ picture}

Introducing "death by chocolate" and it is.. death by chocolate!

And the party with the whole family. This year I requested my mom's chocolate chip cookies {seriously the best ones you'll ever taste} and ice cream.

this picture pretty much sums up my family. 

Sooo I was completely spoiled this year... like for reals. But the one thing I was really excited about {besides finally getting to update my broken droid} was this....
i got naked for birthday. that what twenty years old do right?
haha but really.. I have been wanting this for forever

All of this... and its not even my birthday yet. there is still 1 day left on my countdown. I am savoring my last teen moments.

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