Friday, December 21, 2012

{No Computer, No Blogging}

I have horrible luck when it comes to my dang computer.  I shouldn't use the word "luck" because most of the things that happen to my computer are caused by me... but this time I can proudly say it wasn't my fault. It was the windows update that crashed my computer! I wasn't even mad this time (this is the second time this has happened) because it happened a few hours after my last final, where last time, it happened two days before my final. It's weird how that computer can go from being the center of my life to me not even caring when it will be fixed.  I guess that is what being home will do to me. Sooo.... moral of the story, computer has been broke all week which means no blogging. So in a few pictures, here is how I have been spending my amazing break so far! :)

 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert & Temple Square 
{A double date with my parents.... my Mom reads my blog so that's all I'm going to say}
I'm teasing Mom, It was fun :)

 lots of family parties & birthdays
{I'm completely out numbered by boys}

Freshly picked and homemade Apple Juice
It seriously tastes like a treat, it is sooo good!
HUGE Fazookies, so yummy
I have loved my break but with my siblings and Mom still in school, I tend to get bored sometimes...
So I turn to snapchatting with my sister.

I'm currently baking away in the kitchen getting ready for my sisters Christmas party tonight... stay tuned for what will either be a pinterest success or an epic pinterest fail. wish me luck!

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