Monday, December 10, 2012

{Just Keep Swimming}

Meet Jafar, our apartments Beta Fish. This poor guy has been swimmin' in some pretty nasty water lately but today, he received a bowl of new, clean water. And has been actively swimmin' around, enjoying life since.  I must be in a "fishy" mood today because I also watched Finding Nemo after my first final today.  Yep... Its finals week. I really hate finals week.  You feel so unmotivated to study or do anything for school because technically, school is over. I just want to pack up and head home! but I can't... I'm stuck here with Jafar until the end of the  week.  I have had Dories song in my head today, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming". We are almost there, just keep swimming.

p.s.  i really don't hate school this much, its just been a long two weeks and i'm ready for a break. haha soo yea, i'm just being a bit of a baby but i don't care.

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